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Becoming a Game Tester – Takes More than Being a Game Lover

Aptitude in playing video games is somehow imperative to become a video game tester, but you don’t need to be a video game champion! You just have to be a game fanatic, someone with a heart, a gamer who need not beat the game but beat the odds – to find errors and bugs – for [...]

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Work Opportunities for Gaming Geeks

So you want to work at home and get paid? There are many opportunities in the Internet to earn extra money. Probably the easiest and coolest way to earn money is through GamingJobsOnline where you get to play video games and get paid!   Image Credit: Jols Ariella Flickr PageWe’ve listed all the facts that you need to know: [...]

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What Is It Like to Be a Video Game Tester?

Many of young adults who are passionate about video games aspire to get employment as video game testers without much idea with regards to the tasks and responsibilities that they are going to undertake. This has caused disappointments to some people who thought that being a video game tester is just as simple as getting paid by playing [...]

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Linguistic Video Game Tester

Video game tester jobs online is now becoming a popular and the fastest money making job which is catered in GamingJobsOnline, where the only name of the game is ‘play to earn’. It allows you to play and test the latest video games that are not yet available in the market. This job doesn’t need a [...]

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Video Game Tester Jobs: Hitting Two Birds with One Stone

Imagine working in the comfort of your home, in your pajamas, gaming console on the right hand and a pizza slice on the left – all of these in front of the TV playing video games. This is the world of video game testers and their working environment. If you think this is some scam or a [...]

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Want a Company that Pay $$$ for Playing Video Games? Read This..

Where can you find an employer who would wants you to do nothing for eight hours but play in the office?  At the end of the day expects you to find errors on your “office-mate’s” work? I’m not kidding. You’ll get paid for it! The more faults you find means the better you are doing [...]

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How To Become A Computer Game Tester?

Job as a computer game tester is one of the most envy career of the many game daemons nowadays. Aside from the promising lucrative salary, the job entails you to have a lot of time to play the games, plus a chance to play the latest computer game developments months before their official release and lots [...]

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Why Video Game Tester Jobs?

If you are a kind of person who loves to play video games of any kind, appreciates digital arts and animation, and you have fiery enthusiasm for challenges, then becoming a video game tester could be one of the most fulfilling occupations for you. Although it is to your greater advantage if you posses some [...]

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Home based working opportunity – How to get started? How to be a Video Game Tester??

Hello everyone, Just to get you started with home based video game testing/ video game tester jobs! Follow the below simple steps and reap the rewards! 1. Select membership > 2. Enter information > 3. Get paid to play games! Step 1 of 3: Select Membership Membership Includes: Access to Gaming Jobs Database Access [...]

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Gaming Jobs Online – Your best source of income!

Hi Guys, This is the best place to start making money online, its fun filled and guaranteed income! Work from home testing games has a remarkable position in the market and research proves that it could be a great source of income for all sorts of people who can take up a game tester [...]

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Gaming Jobs Online

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